Tree Services Cardiff

We welcome all jobs large or small, domestic or commercial, from pruning the smallest of shrubs or hedges to removing the largest trees whatever the problem we can provide a solution. We are independent, professional and our skilled Operatives take precautions and special attention ensuring no unnecessary damage is caused to your property or surrounding areas. Tree Services Cardiff.

Crown Reduction

The ends of all branches are reduced, in length, back to suitable ‘growth points’ (side branches). As a result the entire tree crown is reduced, in size and volume, whilst retaining the natural shape of the species. This procedure is usually stipulated in terms of a percentage (rarely more than 30%).
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Crown Thinning

Branches are removed from within the tree crown in order to make it uniformly less dense. The natural shape of the tree is completely unaffected but the ‘Sail Effect’ (wind resistance) is reduced and more light allowed to filter through. This procedure is usually stipulated in terms of a percentage (rarely more than 30%).
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Crown Lifting

Increasing the gap between ground level and the crown. This is normally achieved by removing the lowest branches, of the crown, to a specified height.


Causing a tree to fall under control by carefully making a series of cuts at the base of the trunk.

Sectional Felling

Carefully dismantling a tree in small sections. This operation is usually undertaken using heavy duty rigging equipment, lowering ropes and skilled branch removal techniques.

Dead Wooding

The removal of dead or dying branches usually for safety and aesthetics. Larger dead branches can be safely retained (in order to provide habitat for birds and insects) by reducing their length and weight.

Hedge Cutting

Hedges of any size can be topped and trimmed to your specific dimensions.

Formative Pruning

The formation of a healthy stem and branch framework in very young trees. Achieved by carefully selecting and removing diseased wood, congested and rubbing branches and weak branch unions. Correct formative pruning can dramatically reduce the chances of structural weakness and branch failure as the tree matures.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Once the process of a tree removal has been carried out has been removed a stump above ground is left. The purpose of stump grinding is to rid the rest of the stump above ground and below and to eliminate the eye sore on the lawn or property area. This can be accomplished either by ‘grubbing out’ by hand (if the stump is small enough), employing a stump grinding machine (if the stump is large) or poisoning the stump and allowing it to slowly decay over time. All pruning cuts comply with modern arboricultural principles which limit, as much as possible, the impact of tree surgery on tree health. Our Stump Grinding Operative will not just relieve you of the stump in question, but clean up the debris for a clean and tidy work area. The only thing left for you to do is plant grass seed! Once the entire process is completed, nobody would know that there was ever a tree present!

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