Welcome to our Gallery! Here we have a selection of photographs from various projects that we have carried out.

Beech Tree Case Study

This beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) was unfortunatly condemmed after a scan discovered excessive decay within the main stem, and large cavities at the base of heavily weighted limbs, due to the trees close proximity to the house and the patio and wall framing the trees trunk it had to be dismantled in sections and removed.

The dismantle is carried out using heavy duty rigging gear, skilled branch removal techniques, experienced and qualified operatives and a great deal of care!

Prior to the dismantle, after the council had given consent to remove the tree it was checked for nesting birds and bats.

Click on the images to see how we got on!

After the job had been completed, the fence panel was carefully refitted, all branches and timber were removed from site, the guttering was cleaned on the conservatory, and we did our best to remove all the sawdust using powerful leaf blowers to clean the nooks and crannys.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Eucalyptus Tree Case Study

This eucalyptus tree had grown in-between two sets of powerlines and a set of bt cables, it required a power shut down. We met western power at the site, they shut down the power to the line to make it safe for us to work near, we then proceeded to dismantle the tree in small sections and rig all the branches down in a safe and controlled manner between the lines.

Once the tree had been rigged down to a straight stick we then sectioned the timber down in small pieces and dropped them in a designated area. Great care had to be taken as the stem was leaning over the garage roof.
All material was removed from site.

Eucalyptus Gallery
Hedge Trimming

Here’s a few shots of a hedge that we worked on in early 2012. There are before and after pictures for you to check out.

Hedge Gallery
Summer 2014

Here is a selection of some projects from the Summer of 2014. We have included some great aerial shots and sequence shots.

Summer 2014 Gallery