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We are keen to share our knowledge of trees and the care of trees with our customers so please feel free to ask. The following information we have posted due to frequently asked questions:

What is a Tree Preservation Order? (TPO)

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order made by a Local Planning Authority which in general makes it an offence to cut down, lop, top, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy a tree without first getting permission from the Local Planning Authority. Tree Preservation Orders are usually made to protect trees which make a significant contribution to the amenity of an area. They may particularly be made when it is felt that a tree may be under threat.

What types of tree can be covered by a TPO?

All types of trees, including hedgerow trees, may be the subject of a TPO. A TPO can not protect hedges, bushes or shrubs.

How can I find out if a tree has a TPO?

Contact your local Council with details of the address, location and species of the tree. They will be able to tell you if the tree is protected.
When you are buying a property the presence of a TPO should be revealed by the search of the local land charges register.
At Mighty Oaks we can liaise with local Councils to find out if your tree has a Preservation Order or if it is situated within a Conservation area.
We can also submit applications for recommended works to be carried out..

Who is responsible for maintaining a tree with a TPO?

The owner of the tree is responsible for maintenance of a protected tree, for its condition and for any damage which it causes. However, they will need to obtain permission from the local council before carrying out most types of work.

Can you carry out work on a tree if I live in a conservation area?

We can carry out work on trees within a Conservation Area however there is a process that needs to be followed first. This is usually in the form of a written application to the Local Authority explaining the reasons why work is necessary on any trees. Details of the trees and usually a Site Map need to be submitted alongside the application. The Council must consider the contribution a tree makes to the character of the Conservation area therefore it can take a number of weeks for an answer back. We can submit this application on behalf of our customers and keep you updated throughout this process.

Tree surgery is a dangerous and highly skilled operation and trees are complex structures which are easily damaged by poor or ill advised work. We are based in the Cardiff area so, for a FREE quotation or advice, please contact us on 07977 469324 or 02920 863635.

What about planting a new tree?

Getting a young tree established in a new spot requires care and thought. Look through our tips on selecting, planting and caring for your new tree.

Selecting a Tree 

Selecting the right tree for your garden is an important decision


How to give your new tree the best start in life

After Planting

It’s a shock being moved. Newly planted trees need looking after carefully for a few years.

The right tree for the right place

Buying a tree for your garden is a long term investment. The right tree can bring pleasure for many years and add value to your home, but planting the wrong tree can bring misery or frustration. It’s important to select the right tree for your garden. You’ll need to consider what will grow well in your chosen location, what is an appropriate size and shape and what you want to get from your tree.

Size and Shape

Think about the size of the space you want to plant the tree in. How close is it to your house? How close to other trees? Are there overhead lines nearby? What proportion of the garden are you prepared to give over to your tree? If you have a small garden it is not sensible to plant an Oak tree that will eventually be over 20m tall and 20m wide. Make sure you pick a species of tree with a mature size that will fit comfortably in the space you have.


Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding trees, tree surgery, planting, conservation, TPOs etc.